The way we use animal should stop

People use animal in a wide variety of purposes. We eat animal, we use animal product, we train animal as a tool of competition. Is that make sense for us to use them? I don’t agree with this.

Firstly , as a human we believed that we have human right so how about animal. Should animal have their own right. The answer will always be yes. Human as a kind of animal we have to show our care to all kind of animal. Ethically , we believed that we shouldn’t  kill other people because it brings a lot of problems. It could easily destroy someone’s future and bring damage to  a lovely family. That’s also make sense in animal’s world. When we try to catch a dolphin and bring it to our zoo, it’s kind of crime. We are killing their family and limited a dolphin’ future. It should be illegal. Some people may have other opinion and said because we are human which is the smartest animal on his planet so we have we right to dominate other animal. Is that make sense to you?

Let’s back to our baby age because that shows our natural instincts. When we are a baby we are more tent to play with some  animal like dogs and cats. Even if we are older, killing an animal will never be your first thought when you see one. Right ? We are a little bit smarter than other animal on this planet but it doesn’t mean we could the right to dominate them to become our tools. 

The reason that this situation which animal are taught to be our pets instead of an individual part would happen is because the marketing of those evil company. Some people see animal as a tool to make money then they developed this kind of thoughts and spread to the whole world. We had never think about why we ate animal as our dinner because it seems to be truth that every body does it. As a result animal become an inseparable part of commercial world. We are violating animal’ right day by day night by night. We separate a new born baby from its mother because we want the milk that supposed to feed its own child. 

The world are crying because we didn’t live in a way to respect every life on this planet. The climate change is now coming to prevent human hurt the environment further. As so many natural diseases are happening including the biggest fire in Australia and amazon, we have to act now. To protect every life in the world, there are several ways that we could do. For example : consuming less meat product or even some people nowadays had decided to become a vegan which is not going to use any animal product. Stop going to the zoo is also an effective way. As long as we don’t consume animal product the cruel will stop. A small step could make a big change.


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